A Word From the Pastor

A Word From the Pastor
Pastor, Rev. Heather Kattan

There are many spiritual practices that are beneficial for deepening our faith lives. Sunday morning worship, along with other moments of worship, is just one part of enriching life with faith. Prayer, scripture reading/study, journaling, and fasting are just a few of the other practices that might be helpful. Often, it is some kind of combination of various practices that really helps us reach our peak. I find that I also must include those practices that do not resonate, or that I am not good at, to push myself farther. It is like at the gym when I would gladly just do enough to feel comfortable that I exercised. When I work with a trainer, however, he/she usually rams up the difficult so that I really feel it afterwards. We must put the same effort in training our spirit as our bodies. Otherwise we begin to feel off center and other things seep in to take control.

We are beginning our annual stewardship drive, and I know that it is not the piece of the year that most people eagerly anticipate. We are working hard as leaders of the church to improve the ways that we are steward for our budget. I work towards engaging with looking at finances as a spiritual practice, even though it is not where I have tended to find spiritual fulfillment in the past. The way that we spend our money is a reflection of who we are, and it also leads us towards more generosity if we handle it in a faithful way. I invite you to go on the journey with me this season, to reshape the mindset that we have when dealing with finances. Spend some time in prayer and thinking about those things or ideals that you value, then think about the ways that they are reflected in your life. How can you think about giving this year to reflect the relationship that you have with Christ?

Our church is a community that is not reliant on one person to carry it or make it successful. The promise and health of the church is reliant on all the people that make up the whole. The church building is only a part of who our church is; the people are the living, breathing church. I hope that you will spend some time this season thinking and praying about what you can give, but also reflecting on how people see the church when they look at you. Do you need to reconnect? Is there a session or Bible study that you just wished was offered? We encourage you in this time to think about the ways that you can be a part of giving and serving others, then we can be a whole, living church that thrives on serving.

In Christ,
Pastor Heather