A Word From the Pastor

A Word From the Pastor
Pastor, Rev. Heather Kattan

In October we will be continuing our emphasis on prayer, with the beginning of some new small groups. First, we will be looking at the book God on Mute: Engaging the Silence of Unanswered Prayer by Pete Greig. We will be combining scripture, analysis, and practice in weekly discussions about the chapters. Our first meeting will be after service in the parlor where you will get the study outline and an overview. Second, we will have the first meeting for our Prayer Partners group on Sunday, October 21 following service. This group will be to focus in on praying with others and for all our different concerns. After the initial meeting, the group will decide to meet when, where, and how is convenient for the members. There will be one facilitator joined with a group, and each group will be no more than four people.

I hope that as we move forward you will find some way to add fullness to your prayer life, or to begin a new practice of prayer. We will be shifting to a new dual focus for the months of November and December: gratitude and community. The intersection of the topics will be a prayer walk around our neighborhood in November. We look towards being a place where we combine our learning into our actual practices. Our leadership is constantly looking for ways to make spiritual growth more approachable and find ways to work it into your lifestyle. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let Pastor Heather know! I will leave you with some scripture to look at on the topic of prayer:

In Christ,
Pastor Heather