A Word From the Pastor

A Word From the Pastor
Pastor, Rev. Heather Kattan

As we get to these last two months of the year, everything centers around holidays. November is the month of Thanksgiving, filled with visions of the great feast with all the trimmings. We remember that central theme of being thankful as we sit down to eat with family and friends. Perhaps we even go around the table to ask what everyone is thankful for this year. It is the holiday that for us focuses us in on our gratitude for all that we have and encourages us to help others who are in need.

We are beginning our stewardship campaign in the spirit of gratitude and the hope of continuing to create a welcoming community. Our goal is that our church will become a home where people feel welcomed, accepted, and loved. We encourage all those who enter in to come to the point where they are not just served by those efforts but become a part of them as well. I encourage you to think of ways that you can participate in that kind of community. What would make you feel more welcome and supported? Think about how you can be a part of making those ideas a reality. Pray about what ways you can give.

Our days will soon get busier with all of the holiday plans and things that must get done. I hope that in all of it that you will find some peace to renew and re-fresh your spirit, and that the light of Christ will keep you warm as we head into winter. Let us all seek to be builders of a community of faith that is filled with warmth and THE Spirit.

In Christ,
Pastor Heather