A Word From the Pastor

A Word From the Pastor
Pastor, Rev. Heather Kattan

A group of us (myself, Doug Osborne, Bonnie-jean Rowe, and Veronica McCormick) have spent the last year going to some training and coaching sessions through the SHIFT program. The program helped us to think about new ideas for the church and how we can focus in on areas that need some work. It was an informative year that helped us to look at First United Methodist Church and see where we could develop ourselves. We have picked two goals for our church to focus on in the coming two years.

First, we are trying to improve our connection to the community through different avenues. We are considering the possibility of the church sponsoring a Little League team, and we are going to be hosting Safety Day again this spring. We are also looking at different places where we can connect with the community, i.e. having a table at community events, handing out water at a 5k, or hosting a trunk-or-treat for Halloween. Of course, we encourage everyone to embrace this goal and get involved. Is there an event that you think we should attend or help with? Let us know! We want to get out there and connect in as many ways as we can.

Second, we are taking a concerted look at spiritual growth and how we can improve our offerings. To help us know where we need to go, it is important that we know where we are. Beginning on November 5, and continuing throughout the month, there will be computer stations set up for you to take a spiritual assessment survey. We encourage everyone to take the survey! (It will all be done anonymously, so this is not for judging or grading you!) Once we have the results back, we will decide which courses will be most useful for us.

We look forward to the journey that we can have together, and we hope that you will continue to pray for the church and leadership!

In Christ,
Pastor Heather