A Word From the Pastor

A Word From the Pastor
Pastor, Rev. Heather Kattan

In the coming months the question of our identity as a United Methodist denomination will be discussed with increasing concern. As we approach General Conference in May, and our own Annual Conference in June, there are many issues that need to be decided. The news has picked up on several, but there are no decisions made until the General Conference. Following our joint worship on March 22, there will be a time for discussion about what is happening with the denomination. In the coming weeks, there will be some informational handouts on the table in our entryway. These are difficult questions that our elected delegates are wrestling with, that have implications for many. I hope that you will join me in prayer for them in the lead up to conference.

We have also, as an individual church, been looking at our own identity. While continuing to be independently First United Methodist Church, we have been looking at ways of being in collaborative ministry. We have done shared outreach to Framingham State, and tried having joint worship together. In some avenues of ministry, we can do more powerful work by combing together, but there will be other parts that continue to remain separate. At this time, there is no talk about merging the two churches together. We are looking for the pieces where we can join together to have a more powerful impact. The most prominent place where that will happen with be with any forms of outreach for the community.

Even as we pray for Christ's guidance in our decisions, there are going to be some district and local choices that just turn out not to work. Some projects might take some effort to really get started. We hope that you will continue to support the Collaborative Ministry Team with prayer and understanding as we move forward. They are reaching out to hear what you have to say, and where you feel called to help in this world. What do you feel passionately about? What makes you toss and turn at night? I hope that you will be willing to share of yourselves with them so that we can find where our united passions lie as a church. Let them hear your story because it is our story united with Christ's story that drives our church.

In Christ,
Pastor Heather