A Word From the Pastor

A Word From the Pastor
Pastor, Rev. Heather Kattan

It has been an easy winter here in New England, which has spoiled me with its warmth and lack of snow. Many have reminded me that we just started February and there is plenty of time left for snowstorms. February also bring for us the beginning of lent, with Ash Wednesday on February 26th. During this time before Easter, we take these days to examine ourselves and prepare our hearts for Easter. Lent has long been a part of the Christian liturgical year, but we do not always focus on it as much as those days preparing for Christmas. Perhaps it is because Lent has traditionally been a more somber time than Advent. The color of the season switches from green (the color of what we call ordinary time-the Sundays between specially signified days) to purple. It has also been a season where people fast, give up something, strip the church of any decorations, and contemplate the journey that Jesus took.

I have been feeling a little groggy and bogged down since Christmas. There is always such a rush of events and celebrations, then it all ends. We go back to the grind of everyday life, while trying to clean up the mess and clutter leftover. This year I have especially had the feeling of things in my life being cluttered, mostly because I can tend to collect junk. There are things that I have that are special and meaningful…but, I have never been able to pass up a free pen. Any event or conference that I go to gives out a free pen, and sometimes they even have free tote bags. Add that to the growing number of tote bags sent with any purchase, and it is more reusable tote bags than any one person needs. My house can get filled with these pieces of stuff that really have no place or special meaning. I hold onto them because they seem useful. Who doesn't need a pen and this one is free?

I am going to try to clean house during Lent this year, and not just by clearing out some junk from the house. My goal is to try to do a life clean out as well, to get rid of all the stuff that is gathering dust or getting in the way. Stay tuned for updates on how it is going! I hope you also might consider joining me on this journey.

In Christ,
Pastor Heather