United Methodist Women

Our "Snowman Fantasy" Fair on Saturday, November 23, will soon be here. We are going "full steam ahead" as we scurry to buy supplies, bake pies, make candy, bake cookies, finish boutique items, fill gift baskets, search through closets and basements for the Country Store, and prepare to decorate! If there is anything you can make or contribute, or any help you can give, please get in touch with Sherry Anne Bryant (508-3584310) or email at sherryannebryant@gmail.com.


Candy/fudge making - Make at home…and bring in on Friday, November 22, or Saturday morning, November 23. Be sure to label with the flavor, plus nuts, peanut butter, coconut, or other ingredients that might trigger allergies. See Jean Snow with questions.

Classroom/Library set-up - Sunday, November 17, right after coffee hour. Strong muscles are needed to move the library desk, move out library furniture, move classroom furniture, carry dining table from parlor to classroom, carry and set up long tables, and carry stored boxes from upstairs eave storage to the chapel. 1:30 pm into the afternoon--- cover tables in classroom and library.

Country Store - desperately need helpers to sort and price Country Store stuff during the weeks between November 1 and 17 - No prior experience needed. Need helpers to move all the stuff and set-up in the nursery school rooms in the east wing around 2:30 pm on Thursday, November 21. Contact Sherry Anne and let her know when you can help.

Decorating Fellowship Hall - Thursday morning, November 21, throughout the day….to cover tables, set up cafe, hang signs. Friday helpers needed to finish set-up work, boutique items, sort lobster, make pumpkin pies, etc. See Sherry Anne to let her know when you can help.

Clean Up - Saturday, November 23, at the close of the fair, from 2:30 to 4:30


Good, clean, saleable items, used toys, and books for the Country Store. NO TV'S, NO COMPUTERS, MONITORS, or KEYBOARDS; NO LARGE FURNITURE or APPLIANCES, NO CLOTHING or PLANTS. BOOKS ARE O.K. Saleable items may be left neatly behind the curtains on the stage beginning November 1st. Please mark them with a price.

Jewelry may be given to Fran Daneault. Collectible items may be brought to the Church Office or see Susan Richardson.

Gift baskets you are filling should be left in the CUMC kitchen no later than Sunday, November 17. Include the special "Snowman Fantasy" tag (available on "The Table" in Fellowship Hall) neatly listing the theme of the basket, the items in the basket, the total value of the items, and your suggested selling price. Ginger will wrap, attach the tag and bow.

Small cookies for the Cookie Corner and baked goods for the Bake Shop may be brought in Friday, November 22, or very early Saturday morning, November 23. Label the names of the cookies and baked goods with ingredients like nuts, peanut butter, coconut, etc., that trigger allergies.

Boutique and craft items that you are making should be brought in by Friday, November 22, at the latest. Please attach a recommended price to be charged for each item.

√ Put a "Snowman Fantasy" Fair flier in a neighborhood location, at work, or in your car window and help us advertise. Invite your friends and neighbors to come…DO YOUR CHRISTMAS AND BIRTHDAY SHOPPING EARLY__RIGHT HERE!

SEE YOU AT THE "Snowman Fantasy" FAIR! SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23. Community UMC!!

Sherry Anne Bryant
UMW President